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Companies Offshore .org is one of the leading domestic and offshore hedge fund consultants who specialising in assisting new and emerging fund managers in establishing their own hedge fund or forex CTA fund.

The principals of SCG Business Services Limited are committed to providing the best service at the most affordable price. Our dedicated team of consultants and attorneys, both domestic and offshore, will work diligently on the structure and formation of your hedge fund, equity fund or forex fund as quickly and professionally as possible.

Our team has structured investment funds in various jurisdictions including Guernsey, Channel Islands, Switzerland, Cayman, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, and Canada.

"Working with a hedge fund consultant will save you time and money"

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Forming an offshore hedge fund?Our services are customised to your individual needs. Through our initial consultation process we will create a business plan and fund structure suitable to your requirements.

Our services and legal fees are packaged so you will know your exact costs, unlike our competitors who work on an hour basis.

Our preferred offshore jurisdiction is the British Virgin Islands as it is considered a well-regulated and respected jurisdiction and has become an established centre for mutual funds, bond funds, hedge funds, private equity and multi manager funds, many of which are listed on the world's exchanges. Its legislation is more favourable for companies and fund structures as compared to the other offshore jurisdictions.

Typically we provide our clients with: structuring & formation of the fund; regulatory requirments; offering memorandums and other documentation; constitutional documents, including by-laws and partnership agreements; and supplementary agreements.

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